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A wide array of dental treatments is available to us these days and while this is a wonderful thing, sometimes it can all seem a bit overwhelming. How can we possibly know which solution is best suited to confront our oral health needs?

This is indeed a valid concern. Dental solutions can be similar in nature, and most of us aren’t familiar with the terminology or reasoning behind certain procedures.

One such instance is the difference between receiving dental fillings, dental inlays and onlays near you.

What are Fillings? What are Inlays and Onlays?

First up, dental fillings. These are a common form of dental treatment in which your dentist drills into the infected part of your tooth, cleans out the decay, and then fills it in – hence the name. Fillings can either be made of metal, typically silver, or can be white to mimic the natural appearance of your tooth.

Next, we have dental inlays and onlays. A dental inlay is a procedure that is used when a filling isn’t appropriate as the cavity that needs to be repaired is too large for a regular filling. The inlay is a small device manufactured to fit inside the shape of the cavity in your tooth. In comparison, dental onlays are not inserted inside your tooth but rather cover the side of the tooth.

Alongside dental fillings, inlays and onlays are services offered at our dental clinic in SE Calgary.

Which Procedure Offered by a Dentist Near You is Better?

When it comes to selecting a treatment for your oral health, always be sure to book a consultation with your dentist prior to receiving a procedure. They’ll be able to inform your decision and work with you towards the best possible outcome, which is restoring your confidence and your beautiful smile.

That said, let’s see how the specific procedures of receiving a dental filling and a dental inlay measure up to one another.

Both fillings and inlays are procedures used to treat cavities in your mouth. Fillings are composed of what’s called composite resin, which can either be silver or can appear natural in color, it’s up to you. Dental inlays are typically made from porcelain or even gold.

Regarding the procedure itself, receiving a dental filling can be done in a single appointment while receiving a dental inlay may require a few visits. In order for an inlay to properly fit the hole in your tooth, an impression of the shape of the cavity needs to be made and then sent off to a dental lab. You will need to return at a later date to receive the newly made inlay.

So, which is best, you ask?

It all depends on the state of your teeth. Dental inlays are more appropriate when a cavity is large and deep. Also, a significant part of your tooth needs to be healthy in order for the inlay itself to be inserted smoothly. Dental fillings are commonly used when minor cavities manifest on the surface of the tooth.

Each procedure doesn’t take up much time and isn’t painful, so there’s no need to worry. If you do have concerns, however, contact a dentist in Forest Lawn today. We’re here to put your mind at ease and help you get your oral hygiene back on track!