Dental Contouring Near You

Are you conscious of your smile? Are your teeth too long? Or are you bothered by the size of your teeth? Dental contouring is an ideal solution for patients who have minor imperfections in their smile. If you’re interested in learning more about receiving dental contouring in SE Calgary, please schedule a consultation with us.

dental contouring in se calgary

What Can Dental Contouring Treat?

Dental contouring is ideal for treating minor dental concerns, which include:

  • Slightly misshapen teeth
  • The length of your teeth
  • The size of your teeth

Keep in mind that dental contouring is not ideal if you have very crooked or misaligned teeth. In these cases, we will recommend alternative procedures that will provide better results. Our dentist will typically recommend dental contouring to patients who want to slightly alter the length or shape of their teeth.

The Process of Receiving Dental Contouring

If you’re interested in receiving dental contouring near you, you’ll be pleased to know the process is very simple. Our dentist will use tools to gently remove a thin layer of your enamel to change the length and shape of your teeth. Once your smile has been enhanced, we will polish your teeth.

The Benefits of Receiving Dental Contouring

The greatest benefit of dental contouring is that the results are seen immediately. The procedure is very quick and will take as little as thirty minutes to complete. The procedure should also cause no pain. Dental contouring is a great option for patients who have dental anxiety and are afraid of the pain associated with other cosmetic dental procedures. The results are also permanent as your enamel doesn’t grow back.

Looking for Dental Contouring Near You?

If you’re interested in receiving dental contouring near you, please contact our office to schedule a consultation. Our dentist will examine your teeth to see if this is the right procedure for you. Dental contouring is an excellent procedure for patients who are satisfied with their teeth but would like to make minor changes, such as altering the shape and length. We are happy to offer dental contouring in SE Calgary to enhance your smile.