Is a Filling Better Than an Inlay?

is a filling better than an inlay?

Is a Filling Better Than an Inlay?

A wide array of dental treatments is available to us these days and while this is a wonderful thing, sometimes it can all seem a bit overwhelming. How can we possibly know which solution is best suited to confront our oral health needs? This is indeed a valid concern. Dental solutions can be similar in…

what do you mean dental bridges can fall out

What Do You Mean ‘Dental Bridges Can Fall Out’?

If you have a dental bridge, this might be the absolute worst-case scenario that you can imagine – your bridge falls out while enjoying a special meal or even just casually chatting at home. At Forest Heights Dental, we hope that never happens to you. Having said that, though, we know it does from time…

why does my tooth hurt after a deep filling

Why Does My Tooth Hurt After a Deep Filling?

A dental filling is a common treatment that all general dentists are qualified to provide. This process is recommended to those who are dealing with cavities left behind by an infection or tooth decay. If you need dental fillings in SE Calgary, or you’re looking to gather more information, contact our local dental practice. What…