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A dental filling is a common treatment that all general dentists are qualified to provide. This process is recommended to those who are dealing with cavities left behind by an infection or tooth decay.

If you need dental fillings in SE Calgary, or you’re looking to gather more information, contact our local dental practice.

What is a Dental Filling?

A dental filling is a treatment that’s done to reinforce the structure and function of your tooth after a cavity has formed. It’s a protective measure that will last you for multiple years if you follow a good oral health regime at home and come in for routine checkups and cleanings.

The filling itself can be made of a few different materials including metals like gold or silver amalgam, or composite resin. In the past, metal was used because it was affordable and very durable. However, since more and more people are looking to improve their smiles cosmetically and aesthetically, composite resin has become a very popular choice. This material easily blends in with your other teeth, but it doesn’t last quite as long as its metallic counterpart.

To learn more about dental fillings, don’t be afraid to reach out to a dentist near you.

Receiving a Dental Filling

Receiving a dental filling can be completed in just one, 60 minutes appointment.

First, your dentist in Forest Lawn will conduct an initial examination of your teeth and gums. If necessary, they may also take dental x-rays to make sure they fully understand your oral health situation and determine if any other issues are present in the areas of your mouth that aren’t detectable to the naked eye.

Once this is finished, your dentist will get to work cleaning the affected area. You’ll be given a local anesthesia injection so that you don’t feel any pain while the treatment is happening. All the decay will be scraped out from the hole left behind in your tooth before being sealed with the material of your choice.

Lastly, your tooth will be polished to a shine. You’ll be free to go once your dentist checks that everything is indeed in order with your bite and that the filling fits correctly.

Why Does My Tooth Hurt After a Filling?

It isn’t uncommon to experience some degree of sensitivity following a dental procedure. Your mouth simply needs a bit of time to adjust and fully heal. So, if there is a tingling sensation in your mouth, or you feel discomfort when eating or drinking, just know that it’s normal.

A dental drill is utilized to reach down into your tooth and access the decay. Multiple layers of your tooth will be disturbed, including nerves and other vulnerable tissues. So, some minor inflammation will most likely occur.

In rarer cases, if your filling doesn’t fit you right, it may lead to some sensitivity or pain when chewing because the process of biting is exerting pressure on the new filling. If this is the case, don’t be afraid to go back and see your dentist. They’ll happy to make adjustments for you.

However, if the sensitivity and pain remain or if either one starts to get worse, if you develop a headache, fever, or severe swelling, visit a dental clinic as soon as possible. An infection may have manifested, or your cavity may be more serious.

At Forest Heights Dental, we offer dental fillings near you. Our welcoming, skilled team of dentists and dental hygienists is here to assist you with whatever you need. Whether you need a filling or need to have an old one replaced, we’ve got you covered. Phone, stop by our clinic in person, or go online to book a private consultation.

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